Brad Hager is a mentor to millionaires, and top leaders around the globe. Brad Hager and the Mentoring Leaders to Millions, MLM site provides leadership principles and powerful insights for ultimate success

I live in the wonderful city of Las Vegas with my beautiful wife Marcia. We've lived here for 9 yrs. prior to that we lived in Laguna Beach CA for 4 yrs and prior to that I lived in NC & SC. I have two amazing children, a daughter Hannah, and a son Devin. Traveling the world, seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing other cultures are our favorite things to do.

In the world of business Brad’s favorite thing to do is to unite people and lift them up.  He strongly believes in the power of leadership to attain that goal.  He has an intense desire to bring out the best in others.  Have you ever tried to mix oil with water?  We all know that to do so is impossible unless….you add an ingredient called an emulsifier.  The only purpose of this ingredient is to unite other substances that otherwise would remain apart.  Brad Hager has a unique ability to unite people from all different backgrounds in the same way by using leadership principles as his emulsifier.  His favorite quote from John Maxwell is, “All things Rise and Fall on Leadership.”  With nearly a 20 year career in the network marketing field he has established a reputation for helping people fulfill their dreams.  One of his goals in life is to help 100 people become Millionaires.  Those who know him also know his passion for teaching and training.  It is as a speaker from the stage, coaching a one-on-one session or just a friendly conversation that he is at his best.  He is living his dream to grow a team and take Zrii to a billion dollar brand.  Join forces and live your dream.