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How to Become a Serial Leader Part III
Part 3 of a Serial Leader training.

 How do you sustain success?

 6 Principles on how to sustain success.

 1. Ability to change and adapt to change.

 How long does it take you to change? This will depend on the size of the


Different types of thinking creative vs. analytical minds deal with change

differently. The analytical mind will pick things, where the creative mind

sees things as a whole and can adapt to change more positively.

You can learn to change, and when you do, you will see the future of the world.

2.) Honor commitment and agreements

 We know that followers want it. It is trust at its basic level.

 You must continue to honor commitments and agreements even when they get

Make sure you do it and do it on time.

 If you cannot keep your word, communicate and talk to them about it.

3.) Recognizing and rewarding your team.

 "Babies cry for it, men die for it", Recognition!

 Read the chapter by Brad in the book ‘Ultimate Guide to Network

 Start a recognition journal. Write down ideas, what has worked, and when you

been able to recognize people.

Reward the behavior you want and you will get more of it.

Praise in public and punish in private.

Don't wait on company for the promotion. Take ownership of the promotion


4.) Provide and encourage an environment for growth

 Encouragement is the oxygen for the soul.

 The greatest motivational force on earth is when someone believes in you.

 Idea of having a conference? Then you must encourage.

 When people stop growing, performance and production will suffer.

5.) Have an evolving dream and an evolving vision

 Once you hit the goal, if you don't have an evolving dream the team will get

stagnate and frustrated.

If your goals and dreams are not bigger than mine you cannot be my leader. If

you don't keep evolving and growing your dream, your team will pass you up so

cannot be their leader.

Think always about what is your “what's next?”

If you plateau out, the people you lead may plateau out as well. The speed of

group is the speed of the leader.

6.) Must continue your own personal growth yourself

"The river cannot rise above the dream."

‘The law of the lid’ is a great chapter in the book ‘The 21 Irrefutable
Laws of

Leadership.’ It talks about how if you stop growing, you and your team will

moving forward and moving up.

Fortune follows the prepared mind. As you prepare your mind for the things to

come, you are growing. Then when the opportunity presents itself you will now

able to take advantage of that opportunity and reap the fortune.

Just like feeding a child, you need to stay ahead of the team.