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Residing in the Faith Zone NOT the Safe Zone!
This Millionaire Mentoring Call with Mr. Brad Hager  The topic: “Residing in
the Faith Zone, not the Safe Zone!"

Brad began this Monday’s call with a stark reminder that most of us like to
“play it safe” but that what that really means is we run the risk of”
dying with the music still in us.” There are many reasons why we like to play
it safe, but what it all boils down to is that we’re afraid of change. Maybe
it’s that we’re afraid of failure: we don’t want to be embarrassed or to
look like a ‘loser’. Or maybe it’s that we’re actually afraid of success
and all of the new responsibility that that may bring. Either way, what we’re
afraid of is change and so long as we stay afraid… we never leave the safe
zone… and we never go anywhere in Life.

“Sad is the day when a person becomes satisfied with the life they’re

Now each person’s Life Story will be written in terms of RISK: not just the
ones they take… but also the ones they avoid. Henry David Thoreau once wrote,
“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song
still in them.” That’s precisely what is meant by “dying with the music
still in us”. So how do we get our song out? How do we not die with the music
still in us? The answer is that we must live in the Faith Zone!

First we must step out in faith. Many of us refuse to go out on a limb because
we’re worried about the consequences… we can’t see everything in front of
us and so we hold back. The simple truth is that you will never have all the
right answers. If you wait for that sure thing… you will surely let the
opportunity pass you by. How many times in school did you know you had the right
answer but you didn’t raise your hand because you weren’t 100% positive you
had the right answer… only to find that someone else raised their hand with
your answer and the moment was lost? You must learn to step out in faith.

Second, you must learn to overcome the experiences of the past. If you cling to
past failures you will only anchor yourself in the past and you will never go

Third, you must conquer the comforts of the present. All too often we say to
ourselves, “I’m good where I am… I know what’s coming and I feel safe
here.” That’s fine, but where does it take you? It takes you nowhere. You
simply live out a never-ending series of ‘todays’ without the hope of a
better tomorrow.

Finally, you must defeat the insecurity (the uncertainty) of the future.
Remember, without risk, there is no gain. If you are chained to the past,
comfortable in the present or afraid of the future, you will never grow into
your tomorrow that could be yours for the taking.

One of the greatest obstacles to our growth is that many of us are tricked by
the “myth of the born leader”. We’ve become accustomed to the idea that
great Leaders are born and not made. This couldn’t be further from the truth:

“There is not a person alive who cannot achieve their hopes and dreams!”

One of the greatest sources of inspiration for how to become a great Leader is
the Bible. In the book of Exodus we find the unlikely story of Moses. Moses
began his life in want for nothing. He was raised in the palace of the Pharaoh
and had all of his earthly desires provided for. At the age of 40, Moses took a
risk. In the defense of a fellow Hebrew, he killed an Egyptian and lost
everything he had. He became a wanted man. Over the next 40 years Moses became
comfortable again, this time in the House of Jethro. It was a simple life, but
one in which Moses became accustomed to. He did not want to go back to Egypt and
he was content with things as they were then.

As the story goes, God had bigger plans for Moses. Now remember that at this
point Moses was 80 years old. He had taken a risk, ‘failed’ and become a
wanted man in Egypt. He had forged a newer, simpler, comfortable life and he was
satisfied. When Moses was confronted with the task of returning to Egypt he
immediately questioned his own qualifications and he remembered his past
‘failure’. In short, he said “no”.

If you’ve been paying attention to how a Serial Leader is made, then you will
no doubt recognize many of the elements in what happened to Moses next. He was
told to “assemble the elders” of the Hebrews. This is precisely what is
meant by picking your leaders and recruiting up. Next, Moses was shown the staff
and to told to turn it into a snake and again to turn the water into blood.
These would be the proofs the Hebrews, and the Egyptians, needed to understand
that Moses was who he said he was. This was how Moses was to share the plan. Now
of course in modern day times we don’t have things like this, but how less
miraculous to the people of Moses’ day would the Internet or email or audios
seem? Hopefully you see the parallel as these are your modern day tools for
sharing the plan with your Team. This is what we refer to in modern times as
spaced repetition and overcoming objections. And that is precisely what Moses
was doing all those centuries ago in the story of Exodus.

Moses ‘leaned on’ these things and then he ‘moved on’. Remember that
Moses was 80 years old at this point. First he had to step out in faith. Second
he had to overcome the experiences of his past. Third he had to conquer the
comforts of the present and finally, he had to defeat the uncertainty of the
future. What resulted is one of the most profound stories of one of the most
widely remembered Leaders of all time. This story is a powerful reminder of the
basic principles involved in becoming a Serial Leader.

The bottom line is that you will only grow when you leave your safe zone.
Throughout history, the greatest Leaders have always had a strong distaste for
the status quo. That is what has allowed them to be great.

“You can’t stay the same and learn at the same time. If you’re going to
grow… you need to go.”

So where do you go from here? Begin by writing down five things that excite you
the most. These can be anything but they must kindle in you a strong desire to
move toward them. Perhaps these are simple things like a new car or a bigger
house. Maybe you want to travel or to simply have more time with your Family.
Whatever they are, write them down. These are your motivators… these are the
things that will compel you to step out in faith and leave your safe zone.

John Maxwell teaches that one of the most powerful things you can do for
yourself is to find a Mentor. Find someone who is willing to teach you and who
encourages you. Once you find this person, do not lose sight of them. This is
your ‘lean on’… and from there it is up to you to ‘move on’. Do these
things and you will quickly find that you’re on your way!
See you at the Top!