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Becoming an Encourager
We were privileged to have on this week’s Millionaire Mentoring call the one
and only Susan Walsh! Very few people embody the sheer passion that Susan brings
with her wherever she goes and this week’s call was no exception! The topic -
and appropriately so: “Becoming an Encourager!"

As a point of embarkation it is important to remember that what you do not put
yourself in a position to learn cannot help you. With that in mind, ask yourself
this question: “Am I an Encourager… or do I just go through life?” I would
challenge you to identify and embrace becoming an Encourager.

It’s important to remember that being an Encourager is not the same thing as
being a motivator. An Encourager always looks for and sees potential. An
Encourager goes about the task of helping people connect to their potential and
to their passion. An Encourager is someone who constantly helps people to build
their Life of Dreams.

Similarly, an Encourager is not always just a coach. If you are a coach, then to
become an Encourager means that you have to look for and find ways to catch your
followers “doing it right” and reinforcing those things – every time.

AN Encourager is ALWAYS truthful… NEVER give a false compliment.

Encouragers know the “how” and can help you to identify and find your way.
Take a look around you and ask yourself, “are the people closest to me
encouraging me to grow or keeping me where I am?” Think about this from a
financial perspective as well. We’ve heard Brad Hager tell us to take stock of
the people around us and, when we take the average incomes of our 5 closest
friends, we find out that that average closely matches our own income. Now think
about the next five years: Are those 5 closest friends encouraging you to grow?
Because what’s true today will be true tomorrow and in 5 years your income
will still be very close to the income average of your 5 closest friends.

It’s critical that you surround yourself with people who encourage you, but
it’s also important that YOU encourage OTHERS. “Put downs” only serve to
reveal the insecurity of the person doing them. What you do, what you say and
how you react to the people around you will determine your own environment. In
essence, you will become your own environment. So with this in mind, do these
three things at all times:

•	Always be enthusiastic about life.

•	Find purpose in all that you do and in all that the people you encourage

•	And at all times be a person who is invigorating and hopeful to everyone
that you come into contact with.

You have the absolute power to choose your own circle of influence. Limit your
access to anyone that does not lift you up and lift up all of those people who
have access to you.

An Encourager is someone who helps you to see life the way it could and should
be. Remember this simple truth and take it to heart: You can’t see the picture
when you’re inside the frame. An encourager is therefore someone who can help
you to visualize the bigger picture.

Ask yourself this question, “Why would I want to become an encourager?” The
answer is as simple as it is beautiful and that is that you bring about what you
think about. But always be on the lookout because dream stealers will inevitably
try to sneak in. Limit your access to these people and never be one yourself
because you will bring about what you think about and how you treat others will
create the reality you find yourself living.

Be a Servant and a beacon of hope at all times. Walk the Path but find it and
see it in other people as well. Thomas Edison very famously said that it took
him 10,000 tries to make a light bulb finally work. Imagine if in any one of
those 10,000 “failures” he had stopped walking his Path. Imagine if those
around him had been the dream stealers that caused him to give up on his goal.
What would our lives be like today? Encouragers help people to manifest and
focus on their goals. The results are nothing short of amazing!

Remember that what you do for others will always come back to you. Never miss a
chance to give out encouragement. Limit access to the things that bring you
down. Then, above all else, do the right thing – always.

One of the hardest things about being an Encourager is the realization that some
people are just not ready. You can’t make people accept encouragement.
Everyone is, at any given time, where they need to be right then. If someone is
not ready for you to build them up, become a beacon for then and help them
manifest their dream… that’s OK. It’s not your job to encourage people who
are not ready. Accept this and move on.

At this point I would invite you to adopt the philosophy of an Encourager. There
are nine points to remember – benefits – to becoming an Encourager:

1.	Greet everyone you meet with a genuine smile. Always have a smile on your
face and a bounce in your step. When you enter a room, say “HI!” with
enthusiasm and mean it! When you do this, no matter where you go or who you
meet, people will remember that you were there. Brad Hager is infamous for
looking people in the eye and asking, “Are you happy?” and when they reply
in the positive he adds, “Then you need to notify your face!” Think about it
for a moment: your face, your appearance and your greeting are all statements to
the World of precisely who you are! Greet the World with a genuine smile.

2.	When you’re in the presence of others ask yourself, “What gifts do I
bring?” Remember that what you see in others is a mirror of what others see in

3.	Be a good listener. You have two ears but only one mouth for a reason. Some
people genuinely need to be heard so greet them with patient, loving silence.

4.	Don’t take others' misguided words or pain personally. A person in pain
doesn’t realize that they’re experiencing the World in a reactive mode.
Remember this and never add to another person’s suffering.

5.	Know when you encourage someone but know just as well when to simply and
silently wish them well and then go away.

6.	Every person and every circumstance is either good or bad. Accept. Do not
react. Remember that you bring about what you think about. This is especially
critical with children. NEVER over react. Always turn bad situations into
positive situations… especially with children.

7.	Turn down every opportunity to gossip – it is poison. Bad news always seems
to travel a little quicker but it is never fair. You have the power to stop it
– negative doesn’t have to travel further unless you take it there. 

People will often say that the glass is either half full or half empty depending
on how you look at it. That’s all well and good but imagine a World where the
glass was always full… even it’s only half full of air. It really IS all in
how you look at it.

8.	Be passionate about your own life. Your heart will never steer you wrong.
Follow your gut… it will always lead you to the right choices… your joy and
your dreams.

9.	Be truthful with yourself and with others. Even the smallest child can spot a

Do these things always because you have the power to say and do things you may
not even realize.

Once you’ve adopted the philosophy of an Encourager, begin to develop yourself
as an Encourager. It’s all about raising your antennae and creating habits.
Focus on these four areas in which you can develop yourself as an Encourager:

1.	IDENTIFY all the attributes of a great Encourager. Make it a habit of
declaring and affirming yourself as a great Encourager. Actively develop the
habit of identifying others’ strengths and skills and point out and spotlight
the positives in others.

2.	BE SPECIFIC – never generalize. Lift up and encourage other people’s

3.	QUANTIFY how others have made a measurable difference in your life and how
grateful you are for this.

4.	MAGNIFY! One of the greatest motivators is when you recognize others.
Recognition should always be quick, abundant and publically stated.

Next I want to give you Five Keys to becoming a great Encourager. Adopt these
things in your daily life and the positive impact they will have will amaze

1.	Use affirming words such as, “You can” “We will” and I believe in

2.	Embrace the meaningful touch. A hug, a tap on the shoulder and a wink can all
relay a sense of endearment.

3.	Adopt expressions of high value. Tell the people around you what they mean to
you – lift them up. Especially if you are in some type of sales, remember
always that people don’t buy goods or services… they buy YOU.

4.	Develop a vision for a very special future. When you speak, use word pictures
and verbal imagery.

5.	 Embody genuine commitment. Remember that Vision is like a rubber band –
it’s not worth anything until it’s stretched. Use everything in your power
to see that the Vision is stretched.

By now you should realize that Encourager is not a word… it’s a presence!
You can and should become your own best Encourager! Tell yourself over and over
and over, “I will do today what others won’t so that I can live tomorrow
like others can’t.”

Affirmations are one of the single greatest tools for shaping your own positive
future. Always make your affirmations in the first person, present tense and
with great emotion. They may seem silly at first – and that’s OK - but if
you use them, they WILL become POWERFUL tools!

Do this now: Write 10 to 15 affirmations and make 5 of them in that area of
encouragement. Make them about something you want to change, continue or
visualize. Repeat them for 21 days – every morning and every evening. Begin
and end your days with your affirmations. Make them the first and last words you
hear yourself saying each and every day.

If you affirm what you want, you are far more likely to get it!

Finally, I will leave you with this GOAL and CHALLENGE: Encourage 3 people every
day in some way for 7 days and give away 9 hugs a day. Do these simple things
and watch the amazing things that happen to and for you!

The greatest words ever spoken mean nothing if you don’t put them into action!