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Empowering others to GREATNESS
The topic for this amazing call: ““Empowering others to GREATNESS”. This
was a continuation of last Monday’s amazing call, “Winning Connections -The
people and relationships that guarantee success in any endeavor”. Next week
promises to be yet another phenomenal continuation on this expanded Leadership
theme but for now, let’s dig into this call! 

Empowering people simply means giving your influence to others with the purpose
of investing in their lives so that they can function at their best. One of the
most powerful forces in the world is belief in the people that you work for and
that work for you. If you believe in your people, that they can and will
succeed, then they have no choice but to succeed. They will have the self
confidence and passion to do whatever is necessary to win the battle, whatever
it may be.

Unfortunately, sometimes we demonstrate a reluctance to empower others because
we feel like we can’t get our own power back. This self centered attitude only
serves to limit the Vision of the leader and stunt the growth of the
Organization as a whole. Perhaps John Gray said it best when he wrote, “A
positive leader will empower and develop the talents of those around her while a
negative leader would operate by fear and intimidation and focus advancing her
own image rather the getting the job done.”

The great Leader realizes that empowering others to greatness has the same
effect as the sharing of information. The great Leader realizes that empowering
others increases the ability to get that information – the Vision – out into
the World and move it forward. 

There are five conditions – five qualifications – you must have in order to
be a great Leader:

1)	 You must be in a position to empower. Remember, you cannot empower people
that you do not lead.

2)	You must have a relationship with the people you want to empower. It’s been
said, correctly, that relationships are formed, not forged. Thomas Carlisle once
wrote, “A great man shares his greatness by the way he treats the little

3)	You must have the respect of the people you want to empower. While it is true
that relationships can cause people to want to be with you, it is respect causes
people to want to be empowered by you. If you wish for the respect of others,
you must first respect them – and yourself!

4)	 You must be absolutely committed to the people you want to empower. This
isn’t always easy, especially when you’re first getting started.

5)	To empower people, you MUST have the right attitude. Insecurity will cripple
your ability to empower others. You cannot be afraid. Don’t let the fear of
empowering a person make you feel like you will yourself be displaced.

Empowering people is incredible fulfilling in so many ways. When you empower
people, you’re not just influencing them; you’re influencing all those
around them. Remember, there is NO success without a Successor. The process of
empowering others is critical to the survival of the overall Vision.

•	If you want to go up, there are things you must be willing to give up. So
many people who want to lead refuse to empower their internal leadership. But
this does little more than suffocate those that have the potential to carry the
Vision forward and is not at all unlike eating their own young. Unfortunately,
it happens all the time – people become so consumed by jealousy that they
begin holding people down out of fear and the Vision dies.

Ask yourself these questions:

* Do I believe in my people and do I honestly believe that they are my
Organization’s greatest asset?

* Do I believe that empowering others can accomplish more than personal

* Do I actively search for people to empower? And do I actively recruit from
within my own Organization?

* Would I be willing to raise others up to a level that is higher than my own

* Am I willing to invest time empowering others?

* Am I willing to give credit to another for reproducing something that I

* Do I allow people the freedom of personality and progress… or do I have to
be in control all the time?

The bottom line here folks is that you’ve absolutely got to be willing to
empower others such that you work yourself right out of a job.

There are 7 Steps you can take to Empower others:

1) Evaluate them: Find their potential by understanding their knowledge, their
skill set and their desire. Evaluate their skills and make sure they have what
they need to do the job. Giving inexperienced people too much authority only
sets them up for failure. It’s very much like giving a loaded handgun to a
child. Not giving enough authority to an experienced person only leads to their

Evaluate people in three areas: Knowledge, Skill set and Desire:

Knowledge and skills can be taught or transferred but you cannot teach desire,
When desire is present however, empowerment becomes much easier. Plutarch wrote,
“The richest soil, if uncultivated, produces the rankest weeds.”

2. Model for them: Lead by example. People do what people see. Never say, “Do
as I say and not as I do.” Success breeds success and activity creates
activity. Empowering others becomes so much easier if the thing you seek to
empower is a thing they can see that you already do yourself.

3. Give them permission to succeed: One of the most ironic twists is that some
people are simply waiting for permission to succeed. So how do you give a person
permission to succeed?

•	Expect it… you’re expectation is contagious. People will know what your
underlying desires are if you expect them to succeed.

•	Verbalize it… Let them hear you say out loud that you know they will

•	Reinforce it… Catch them doing something RIGHT.

One of the most powerful motivational powers on Earth is when someone believes
in you. Especially when it comes from an authority figure.

4. Give them authority: Empowering people is more than giving them tasks to do
and delegating workloads. It is SHARING POWER which is why it’s called

Winston Churchill said in an address, “I am your servant. You have the right
to dismiss me when you please. What you have no right to do is ask me to bear
responsibility without the power of action."

Peter Drucker once wrote, “No executive has ever suffered because his
subordinates were strong and effective.”

If someone can do it 80% as well or better than you… let them do it.

5. Publicly show your confidence in them: Praise in public and criticize in
private. Praise in public magnifies peoples’ belief in themselves. It lets
them know you believe in them and that you know they can succeed. Public praise
takes people to another level. It also lends credibility to others – it not
only builds them up, it also backs them up by transferring your authority to

6. Give feedback: Life is not always happy high notes. Be honest with people.
Coax them through the missteps, but be graceful. Above all, make certain your
timing is correct when you correct.

7. Turn them loose: Let them go when you think they are ready. The ultimate goal
is to release them on their own.

As President Abraham Lincoln said to Ulysses S. Grant in a message “I neither
ask nor desire to know anything of your plans. Take the responsibility and act
and call me if you need assistance.” This was total empowerment.

Here is what you can do to empower people:

•	Write down the task to be performed.

•	Name the person to be empowered.

•	What knowledge and what skills are required of the person doing the task?

•	Does the person you want to empower possess the knowledge and skills to
perform the task?

•	Have you modeled the task yourself?

•	Then go back through the list from these notes and empower them!

This is Duplication!