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How to Become a Serial Leader Part II
Another INCREDIBLE Millionaire Mentoring Call with Mr. Brad Hager. The topic,
part two in a three part series entitled: “How to Become a Serial Leader.”
Brad began the call this Monday by reminding us that credibility is the
fundamental commodity which Serial Leaders employ to build and propel vast
networks. Credibility is both the power and the currency of Serial Leadership.
But it isn’t always what you don’t know that hurts you, often it’s what
you do know that simply isn’t so. Those that fail to recognize the importance
of followship, fail to gain and hold the credibility , the power and the
currency  they must have for Serial Leadership.

In order to be a great leader, you must understand what it is that followers
want. Last Monday, Brad laid out the six fundamental traits and qualities that
all followers are looking for in a Serial Leader: Trust & Honesty, Competence,
Vision, Inspiration, Support & Encouragement, and Respect. This Monday, Brad
filled out the list with nine additional traits and qualities: Intelligence,
Fair Mindedness, Broad Mindedness, Straightforward Attitude, Imaginative,
Dependable, Courageous, Caring and Cooperative. Notice that all nine of these
traits and qualities have roots in the six primary categories. Again, rate
yourself in each of these categories and you will find that if you’re lacking
in any of the first six, you will be lacking in many of those that follow. As
you begin to improve yourself on the fundamental pillars of Serial Leadership,
you will become the well rounded leader that followers are looking for and will
propel you and your team to massive success.
Everything we’ve discussed is critical to becoming a great leader. But being a
great leader does not guarantee success. It is necessary, but it is not
sufficient. There are four elements which must be in place in order to begin
realizing success.

First, you must have a GOAL. Goals come in all shapes and sizes, but to begin
being successful, your goal must be both obtainable and concrete. Ask yourself,
“Where do I want to go with my team?” Notice right off the bat that your
goal is inseparable from your team. The Serial Leader knows that success is ½
leadership and ½ followship. Not only must you have a goal, you must share it.
There’s an old saying that “People are not down on what they’re not up
on.” It’s fine to have a personal goal for yourself but if you want to fire
up your team and move it forward, you have to have a goal that excites you to
the point that your energy, enthusiasm and excitement become contagious to the
John Maxwell challenges us to “Put our dreams to the test”. Very often we
fail because we have small purposes. What happens when you hit your goal? Do you
become satisfied, or do you set another higher goal? If you want to build
massive networks and be successful over the long haul, then it’s not enough to
just be goal oriented, you need to be growth oriented. You need to have goals
that feed into a purpose.

Once you have a goal and a purpose, you must have a SOUND STRATEGY to go with
it. In other words you need to have a PLAN. That means a clearly defined plan of
action detailing where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Hope
is not a strategy. A sound strategy also means that you have to be faithful when
there are only a few. Remember, each goal propels you, grows you toward your
larger purpose. An excellent reference for how to maximize this element is
Rosabeth Moss Kanter‘s, “When Giants Learn To Dance” published in 1990.
The bottom line with this element is that you must throw yourself completely
into the game. This means knowing every detail about your business and how to
delegate intelligently. This means being fanatically devoted to carrying out
your plan of action, being flexible, responsive and able to adapt to change
quickly and decisively. You must be able to do everything you are already doing,
better. When you begin to do these things you will begin to move the group
and you will begin to meet with success.

The third element to having success is to cultivate the ability to RECOGNIZE AND
RECRUIT TALENT. It’s been said, (correctly) that the only thing scarcer than
talent, is the ability to recognize talent. Talent comes in many shapes and
sizes, but raw talent can be as much of a bad thing for your team and for you,
as it could be beneficial. The point to remember here is that you want talented
people with the same beliefs and philosophies that you have. If you’re
talented, but you have a different vision than I do, then you’re no good to
me. Moreover, you want to recruit talented players that can lead the team, not
just add to the team. Remember that those closest to you will determine your
success or your failure. Choose wisely and develop those close to you.
The goal of a Serial Leader is not to draw a following and start a crowd. The
job of a Serial Leader is to create more leaders and start a movement. So what
qualities are you looking for in a potential leader?

1) Positiveness
2) Self Initiation
3) Resiliency
4) Potential for Growth
5) Loyalty
6) Integrity
7) The innate ability to follow through until the job is completed
8) Team Follower
9) Discipline
10) Self Initiation (Self Starter)
11) The innate ability to Self Energize (Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement)
12) Attitude of Gratitude
13) Are they Teachable?
14) Great Work Ethic (I don’t coach effort)
15) Responsibility. 100%... all the time

Once you have the first four elements in place - a GOAL, a SOUND STRATEGY and a
team of TALENTED LEADERS – now is the time to take MASSIVE ACTION. To do this
it’s absolutely necessary that you have a strong work ethic and that you are
constantly leading by example. One of the most disappointing failings of many
potential Serial Leaders is that they make excuses for why they cannot put forth
the time and energy required for massive action. They have a goal, they have a
plan and they may be able to recognize talent, but they want to put it all on
auto-pilot. That doesn’t work. You must have a “Whatever it takes”
attitude if you want to succeed and succeed BIG. 

This means: 
1) Broadening your education in business and in life. Never stop reading,
never stop learning. Be a sponge for information all the time.
2) You must have boundless curiosity about all things, so that you grow as a
leader and a person.
3) You must have Boundless Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement.
4) You must have Contagious Optimism.
5) In order to take MASSIVE ACTION you must instill belief in your followers
that you are a team leader. People will perform according to your expectations,
and knowing that you believe in them is the best form of motivation you can
6) You must be willing to take risks.
7) You must have a devotion to Long Term Growth. Too many people fall short and
die out because their focus is only on short term profit. This is your vision
and your dedication to Personal Growth.
8) You must be committed to Excellence.
9) You must have an Adaptive Capacity that allows you to react to relentless
change. This alone can make you or break you.
10) You must have Empathy for your Team.

And finally…
11) You must strive to become an Authentic and Genuine Person. When your
followers see that you are both authentic and genuine, they will follow you and
you will succeed in building a massive Network!
Building on the six major categories for becoming a Serial Leader, and adding
the four major elements for success, you now have the power (the currency) to
initiate and sustain success!